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General Information about this website:

We are very happy that the Maltese domain registry has allocated this interesting webaddress for our project about Maltese euro coins. It was not easy to get this website, because the .com.mt address is mainly made for use for Maltese inhabitants and companies. We had proved our legitimate interest and we have been accepted because of this.

This is an information website about the Maltese Euro coins and the planned Euro introduction in Malta. This website is made for collectors all over the world to get more and short summarized information about the "Design" of the coins, the planned "Introduction" and "Links" about the topic eurocoins. Also you can find information how to get this coins in "Order information".

Important: This website is NOT an official website of the Maltese State or the Nationalbank of Malta. You can find the official Maltese websites, when looking in our link section.

This website is a project of Frankcom IT Service.  All details to contact us can be found in "Contact".

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] anytime!

Hope you enjoy this website, which will be extended in more languages in the future!

Best regards and thanks for your interest

Frankcom Team