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Introduction of the Euro in Malta:

21st June 2007:

Official permission of the European Union leaders to start with the Euro introduction at beginning of 2008.

1st July 2007:

Start of mandatory dual display and minting of coins has started by the Mint of Finland.

November 2007:

Sub-frontloading to major Maltese companies will start by the banks.

1st December 2007:

Banks and post offices will start providing Business Euro Coin starterkits, which will contain a total value of Lm 55 with the following coins inside:

Denomination Pieces of single coins Quantity of rolls
1 Cent 100 2
2 Cent 100 2
5 Cent 100 2
10 Cent 120 3
20 Cent 80 2
50 Cent 40 1
1 Euro 25 1
2 Euro 25 1

The total value of the coins in this business starterkits is 136 Euro or 56,24 MTL.

10th December 2007:

Starterkits for the public will be given out from banks and post offices, which will contain the following coins inside:

Denomination Pieces of single coins
1 Cent 4
2 Cent 3
5 Cent 5
10 Cent 6
20 Cent 6
50 Cent 5
1 Euro 3
2 Euro 2

The total value of the coins is 11,65 Euro or 5 MTL.

1st January 2008:

The first day of January could be called -Day! Until the end of January it will also be possible to make payments in Euro or in Maltese Lira, but change will be given always in Euro. Cheques are only accepted in Euro currency. At the beginning some ATM's will also start dispensing Euro from midnight and all investments and bank accounts will be converted to the Euro currency.

2nd January 2008:

Banks will be open for exchanges into euro. Non banking customers will have a limit of Lm250 per bank.

31st March 2008:

The end of March 2008 is the last chance to exchange old Maltese currency directly in the commercial banks. The change for old Maltese coins will remain for 2 years and the change for old Maltese notes will remain 10 years at the Central Bank of Malta.

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