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Order Information for Maltese Euro coins:

At the moment there are no Maltese Euro coins available to buy. The planned issue for the first eurocoin distribution will start in a few months (first to the commercial banks).

The so called starter packs for companies, including coin rolls of each denomination, should be available around the beginning of December. We will be able to help you getting your Malta Euro present for Christmas. Just contact us in time via Contact.

Later in December there will be issued also the starter packs for the whole citizens of Malta. Find all relevant and detailed information about this in our "Introduction" section.

We will try to give you a possibilty to buy the Maltese Euro coins for a equitable price also here on this website. Just click below and mail us your mailadress  and we will keep you informed as soon as we have further information about it.

Please mail us your mail address to: [email protected]!